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Sometimes, when your credit is less than perfect, it’s easy to consider applying to a number of sources just to see if you can get approved. While this can be tempting, to credit bureaus and financial institutions, it’s called ‘credit shopping’ and is generally frowned upon.

At CreditX, our system is powered by Equifax and does not affect your credit score! That means we help you guard your credit by arming you with all the info you need to stop credit shopping and start car shopping! Looking for a car loan in Atlantic Canada? We have you covered!

Our goal at CreditX is to make obtaining the best possible loan at the best possible rate a reality for you. We do this through our partnership with Equifax that will allow you to check your credit and receive your credit score without hitting your credit report! Then, one of our partner automotive providers will contact you and be your personal guide on your purchasing journey.

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Credit Made Safe

We live in a world where we need to be very careful with our personal information. Fortunately, CreditX has made obtaining credit online perfectly safe. Our unique relationship with Equifax, the industry leader in credit reporting, and major lending institutions ensures that your personal information is in secure hands.

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Credit Made Satisfying

Our promise to you is that you will be treated professionally and with the utmost respect. Obtaining your credit score from Equifax, and ultimately your credit approval from one of our automotive providers puts you in the driver’s seat with full control of the entire process! There is simply no better way to buy a vehicle and build your credit.

Check Your Credit Score
Check Your Credit Score
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Frequently Asked Questions

Will this affect my credit score?

No! Our unique partnership with Equifax means that they provide the score without it affecting your credit rating.

Will using your service fill my inbox with spam?

Absolutely not. We do not subscribe to any listing agents. Your information will only be shared with our partner automotive providers to help you find the vehicle you need.

Will I be bugged by people trying to sell me stuff?

You will be contacted as part of our follow-up process. If you have something specific in mind that you have found, or that you would like to find, let our agent know—that’s what they are there for! If you don’t need, or want, any assistance—just let them know.

Are you a financial institution?

No, but our partnering automotive providers can, with your permission, match you with the perfect lender to get you the best possible rates at the best possible terms to fit your budget!

What are your interest rates?

Again, we are not a lender.  But, depending upon your particular situation, rates can range from 3.99% to 29.9%.  The first step is getting your score before you start shopping.

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